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Neck, Wrist and Ring Sizing


As a default all our pendants are hung on 18 inch chains. We have found this is the most popular length. We can supply our pendants on 16'' 18'' 20'' 22'' 24''. 

To decide what is the best length for you, measure an existing chain that is a comfortable length and make a note to help when choosing.

Alternatively, use a piece of string or ribbon to determine the perfect length for you.

Click the image below to see our guide.



Bracelets are very straightforward. The universally accepted length is 7 to 71/2 inches. Ours all have a short extender chain to allow for a little variation.

Bangles can be a bit trickier. We have a great tool you can download to help with this. You can place your own bangle over the template or cut it out and carefully put your hand through the hole. We find the medium is by far our most popular size.

Click the image below to see our guide.



This to can be tricky, especially if it is for a surprise gift!

We have spent some time developing two tools on one page for you to help determine your size. There are clear instructions on the PDF tool that make it super easy to use and has proven to given accurate measurements.

Click the image below to see our guide.